We are amateur and small-scale beekeepers and are affiliated to the UBKA (Ulster Beekeepers Association).

We promote good beekeeping practice and provide a forum for beekeepers to meet and exchange information.

We support our members by providing a Beginners beekeeping course, an Intermediate beekeeping course, outdoor beekeeping demonstrations and use of equipment belonging to the association. We also help in obtaining essential supplies.

Courses on beekeeping Very Important Message

FIBKA have POSTPONED all examinations to limit the spread of Covid-19 virus. The exams will be re-arranged.  Your application and fees will be held over and you will incur no extra cost. This applies to the Preliminary Course and Intermediate Course.

If you are interested in learning about honey bees or becoming a beekeeper, just contact the Secretary.



We have a diverse, cross-border, dedicated membership.


The Association has its monthly meeting on the last Thursday of the month usually in The Enniskillen Hotel, Enniskillen BT74 6AJ, at 8.00 pm.

We can cater for groups of children or adults for Educational visits to our apiary.

In summertime we have practical sessions, BBQ and visits to and from other apiaries. An annual programme of events is published for members. A honey show is usually held in August. 

We aim to improve and advance beekeeping through a number of primary goals:-

  • Improve the environment;

  • Educate beekeepers and newcomers to the art of beekeeping in a manner that is safe for both beekeepers and bees;

  • Create awareness of honey bees among non-beekeepers through meetings;

  • Promote Health and Safety awareness in handling bees and producing bee products;

  • Underline the importance of using bees already proven to be suited to local conditions;

  • Discourage the import of bees from outside the island of Ireland in order to prevent  exotic/invasive bee diseases and pests;

  • Demonstrations and displays and communication in the local press;

  • Offer a neutral forum for beekeepers to encourage friendship, trust and mutual support;

  • Local research into bee disease diagnosis  through education and the co-ordination of treatment;

  • Promote good quality, locally produced bee products desirable as food and health products.


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