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Read about  FBKA activities as reported by Ethel Irvine by clicking on button below (January 2024 report is now available).





We also have news on our Wild Bee project being run by Dave Bolton.



Next FBKA monthly meeting:

At the FBKA Annual General Meeting, Stephen Hey was re-elected as Chairman, Jackie Barry is Vice-chairman, Andy Loizoides was appointed as Honorary Secretary with Wendy Buchanan as Assistant Secretary, William Martin remains as Treasurer with Emma Irwin as his Assistant Treasurer and Niall Lunny is now Apiary Manager with Jerome O’Shea as his Assistant. Lorraine Wild retired from the Honorary Secretary position. Lorraine managed to keep meetings for our Association going during Covid via Zoom, which was relatively new to most of us in early 2020, helping to keep members in contact, as well as fulfilling her other secretarial duties with impressive efficiency and Emma Irwin, out-going Apiary Manager, (with assistant James) managed the colonies in our apiary during the same period. Her ability to keep the queen rearing group supplied with all the frames of foundation, supers, clean hive tools and dummy boards, to mention but a few of the pieces of equipment needed, was outstanding. The Association thanks both of them for their contribution during what were often challenging times.

The next meeting of the Fermanagh Beekeeping Association will be on Thursday 29th February at 8.00pm in Fermanagh House. The speaker is to be confirmed but Andy will inform members by email and WhatsApp. As usual all are welcome and we hope to see a good attendance from our members.

FBKA Honorary Membership Awards

This Award recognizes individual member's outstanding contributions, dedication and commitment to beekeeping.


Previous FBKA Honorary Membership Award Winners are:


Howard McConnell     2017

Ethel Irvine                  2018

Hugh Mannix              2019

Joe Greene                 2019

Andrew Elliott              2020

Brian Dane                  2022

2019 First award of Preliminary Beekeeper of the Year was presented to Mary Brady.

2020 Preliminary Beekeeper of the Year award went to John McGrath.
2020-2021 Preliminary Beekeeper of the Year award went to Emma Irwin.

Roisin Carey was the  ‘Beginner of the Year’ for 2022.

Beginners plaque 2022-2023 was shared by Wendy Buchanan and Kelley Harris.

Congratulations to all!

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